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Hoot Tooty participated in the Southern Christmas Show this year. For those of you who don't know, the Southern Christmas Show is the largest Christmas Show in North America with over 400 vendors. It is held each year in Charlotte, North Carolina and lasts 12 days. This was our 2nd year at the show and very pleased that it was a huge success.

Our booth won 3rd place, which was super exciting and totally unexpected. My booth space was 10x20. I knew how I wanted the booth to look but really didn't know how to go about creating it so I went straight to Pinterest for inspiration. I had explained to my husband what I wanted to do and he built what I needed and with the help of my son and daughter-in-law they turned my vision into a reality.

If you have never been to The Southern Christmas Show, you need to make a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina next year to check it out. It always starts 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and ends on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Next year the dates will be Nov 13-24, 2024 at The Park and Expo Center.

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